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Skilled Construction Trades
No matter your industry, D&M Power Staffing has access to the highest quality workforce available. With those skilled craftsmen, we help clients achieve significant profitable growth by right-sizing their core work force and supplementing them with the most qualified contingent craftsmen when necessary. The qualifications and expertise of the skilled craftsmen we work with are diverse, but their proven ability and commitment to safety are consistent. Learn more about industry-specific specific capabilities below.

Traveling Tradesmen & Heavy Industrial Craftsmen
Our Major Accounts Division is uniquely positioned to cover all corners of North America with access to an elite travel-dedicated workforce proven to deliver results.

Power and Energy Trades
Tradesmen’s power and energy workforce isn’t some collection of laborers looking for jobs. Our energy staffing specialists find and vet the most qualified craftsmen in the power and energy field, creating a powerful workforce ready to help you meet the evolving demands of the energy industry.
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  Carpenters and master carpenters 



  Drywall hangers



  Insulation installers

  Turbine mechanics



  Licensed electricians



  Crane Operators


  HVAC technicians

  Concrete finishers


  And many more trades

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On-demand Access to Proven Skilled Craftsmen
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for machinery mechanics, maintenance workers and millwrights is predicted to grow by a 17% rate through 2022. While this is great news for the construction and manufacturing industries, the reality is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find dependable skilled millwrights, where and when you need them.

Since 2011, Tradesmen International has been helping job foremen, contractors and project managers find the skilled millwrights for their exacting job requirements. From apprentice through journeymen and leadmen, we have an extensive candidate pool of proven millwrights and machinery mechanics.
A Custom Skilled Millwright Staffing Solution
  Construction Millwrights
  Industrial Mechanic
  Field Equipment Millwrights
  Maintenance Millwrights
  Plant Equipment Mechanics
  Turbine Millwrights
  And More!
On-Demand Access to the Nation’s Leading Skilled Plumbers
Searching for skilled commercial or industrial plumbers for your next construction project? You are not alone. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for licensed plumbers is expected to grow by 21% through 2022. While this is great news for the plumbing and construction trades, it is making it increasingly difficult to find the proven plumbers you need, where and when you need them.

With D&M Power Staffing as your skilled staffing agency, on-demand access to a proven, dependable, safety-minded plumber is always just a phone call away. Whether you are searching for help on a short-term project or you are looking for peak-season support, we have a diverse pool of skilled plumbers with a wide range of available expertise
A Custom Commercial and Industrial Plumber Staffing Solution
  Commercial and Industrial Plumbers
  Residential Plumbers
  Licensed Plumbers
  And More Trades!

Learn why D&M Power Staffing has earned a reputation as one of this nation’s premier skilled staffing solution providers.
Looking for Skilled Riggers and Crane Staffing Services?
Experienced riggers, crane operators and heavy equipment operators are hard to find. In fact, job openings in this field are expected to outpace job seekers due to an accelerating rate of retirement.

With D&M Power Staffing, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of skilled labor causing project delays or preventing you from accepting new projects. We find, hire and train an elite group of proven riggers and crane operators who have demonstrated a commitment to craftsmanship and safety throughout their careers.

A Custom Crane Staffing Services Solution
Our team of skilled riggers and heavy equipment operators includes:
  Crane operators
  Backhoe, trencher, dozer operators
  Heavy equipment riggers
  Machine riggers
  Offshore riggers
  Riggers in manufacturing
  And many more trades!
Looking for HVAC Technicians?
HVAC technicians, especially A+ ones, are difficult to find. In fact, demand for HVAC technicians is expected to grow by 14% throw 2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s almost 40,000 new jobs, which is much faster than average. With increased job opportunities in a skilled trades comes increased competition among employers – especially those who ebb and flow with seasonal trends. That’s where Tradesmen International comes in. With an extensive pool of proven HVAC technicians, the dependable craftsmen you need for your next project are just a phone call away. Every Tradesmen International employee is a permanent one, having first passed through a rigorous screening, interview, evaluation and skills testing process.
  Apprentices & Journeyman Technicians
  HVAC Helpers
  Commercial HVAC Installers
  HVAC Duct Installer
  Refrigeration Techs
  HVAC Sheet Metal Journeymen
  HVAC Mechanics
  And Many More Trades!
Find Skilled Drywall Hangers and Finishers
At D&M Power Staffing, we understand that the drywall hangers and finishers you are looking for must be safety-minded and highly skilled. Not only does this trade require attention to detail and a strong work ethic, but a skilled drywall craftsman must also make safety and productivity their top priorities.

With D&M Power Staffingl as your skilled staffing partner, access to proven, dependable, safety-minded drywall professionals is always just a phone call away. From apprentice through journeymen and leadmen, our pool of skilled craftsmen include:
Supplement Your Core Workforce with Skilled Drywall Professionals
  Drywall hangers
  Drywall finishers
  Drywall tapers
  And more