We conduct thorough background checks and interviews with all field employee candidates. Once a craftsman is hired and before ever stepping foot on a customer’s jobsite, they are trained to our company standards in order to ensure greater safety compliance as well as your complete satisfaction.
At D&M Power Staffing unite talent with opportunities and believe there is a career that fits every person and a person that fits every career. We strive to be the staffing company of choice in the Industry by exceeding the expectations of our clients, job seekers and our staff members.

We operate our business based on our core values and choose to work with clients who share those values. For those clients, we increase productivity by providing quality placements, excellent customer service, funding options and excellent billing terms.

We believe that work is a key factor in achieving personal fulfillment. We value our candidates and our clients and staff equally. We strive to find full employment for all of our candidates, which requires that we are able to service a broad range of employers and positions throughout all sectors of our economy. We maximize the opportunities available to ensure our people stay employed.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards and practice daily honesty, fairness, truthfulness and the Golden Rule. We know that people want to succeed and do what is right and to be treated accordingly. We believe ethics and values will not limit our financial success but will ensure the strength and character of our company for the long run.
  Safety – Safe workers and workplaces.
  Quality – Count on D&M to work with you fairly.
  Integrity – Doing the right thing, always.
  Flexibility – Custom solutions to overcome challenges.
  Accountability – Committed to transparency and personal responsibility.
  Service with integrity, honesty and accountability.
  Dynamic pipeline of qualified talent with skills, experience and flexibility.
  Support for the construction, repair, design and maintenance of our nation’s warships and support vessels.
The mission of D&M is to provide opportunities for our people and to improve the community. Our core values are the driving force behind everything we do. D&M is dedicated to being the most trusted provider of innovative staffing solutions servicing the global marine, energy, construction and industrial marketplace.