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Find Skilled Craftsmen for Oil, Gas, Alternative Energy and More
Searching for proven, safety-minded skilled craftsmen with experience in the oil & gas, power generation, or alternative energy industries? There is a reason D&M Power Staffing is fast becoming the nation’s go-to source for skilled craftsmen and construction workers with experience in the energy trades. Whether you are looking for a team of skilled professionals to complement your core workforce or a single professional with a unique set of skills, our skilled energy workers are always available, where and when you need them.

Energy staffing solution designed to help you:

  Find skilled craftsmen for short-term, long-term and peak-season projects
  Maximize your workforce productivity
  Eliminate the costs of adding permanent payroll
  Reduce your Workers’ Compensation exposure
Proven Skilled Craftsmen for the Energy Trades
We do not just send any craftsmen to any jobsite. Instead, our energy-staffing specialists work to ensure every craftsmen is well-vetted with the experiences and skillset to match your project’s unique demands. Because all of our craftsmen are permanent Tradesmen employees, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the same level of quality you would expect from your core workforce – if not higher. The result is a proven database of skilled craftsmen – from turbine technicians to millwrights to oil and gas workers – capable of matching the evolving demands of any number of energy trades, including:

  Oil & Gas
  Nuclear Power
  Fossil Fuels
  Natural Gas
  Alternative Energy
  Solar Power
  Wind Power
  And Many More Trades!
Total Labor Support: Tradesmen is here to help you maximize labor efficiency. With our Labor Productivity Consulting Service, we support you with the tools, workforce and strategies needed to increase productivity and substantially reduce labor costs. As your go-to source for skilled craftsmen, our productivity consultants are always available to help you define the best solution for your company.
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Gain On-Demand Access to a Proven Alternative Energy Workforce
As the demand for green energy continues to grow, finding craftsmen with the skill level and expertise needed to support your project can be difficult. As the premier renewable energy staffing agency, Tradesmen International has the proven, safety-minded workforce you need to match your always evolving labor needs.

Whether you are looking for solar energy workers, an apprentice level PV assembler or a master electrician, our skilled craftsmen offer the proven experience within a number of alternative energy markets, including:

  Solar Power
  Wind Power
  Geothermal Energy
  Biomass Energy

With D&M Power Staffing as your alternative energy staffing partner, you always have access to the skilled workers your project needs, where and when you need them.
Skilled Energy Workers with the Experience You Can Trust
At Tradesmen International, our team of alternative energy staffing specialists will work directly with you to evaluate your workforce needs and ensure you receive craftsmen with the skills and experience needed to keep your project on time and within budget. As permanent Tradesmen International employees, all of our solar, wind and other energy craftsmen have passed a rigorous screening, interview, evaluation and skills testing process.

The result is on-demand access to an experienced workforce you can count on for short-term or peak season projects. Our goal is to right-size your workforce.
Searching for Proven Craftsmen for Your Next Solar Project?
At D&M Power Staffing, we are uniquely positioned to support your need for proven skilled craftsmen with solar energy experience. For over seven years, we have partnered with project managers and contractors on hundreds of solar projects across the nation. From multi-acre industrial solar parks to smaller rooftop installations, we have assembled one of the industry’s premier solar-focused workforces.

From apprentice through journeymen and leadmen, our pool of proven solar energy craftsmen includes:

  Photovoltaic (PV) Assemblers
  Solar Installers
  Heavy Equipment Operators
  Licensed Electricians
  Solar Welders
  Pile Drivers
  Pipe Welders
  And Many More Trades!
On-Demand Access to the Industry’s Premier Solar-Focused Workforces
We recruit only the top candidates, fully screening each employee, and only accepting those recruits who embody our values of safety, productivity and craftsmanship. We cover their Workers’ Comp, benefits and other payroll expenditures, while you receive access to a high-quality workforce you can trust.